December 31, 2011

Sic 'em BEARS

Scott and I just returned from a fabulous trip to San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl.  It was a great week with family and friends topped off with a WIN!  Does it get any better?

I took over 300 pictures (yes, I'm the crazy camera lady).  Here's just a sampling:
We arrived on Tuesday afternoon and went to the River Walk pep rally and dinner with Matt and Holly at Acenar (thanks, Lynette).  The lights were beautiful at night!
 Of course, we just HAD to stop by the Alamo...
  and Scott read and read.
 We then headed to The Esquire for a few pre-pep rally refreshments.  Mom, Dad, David, Paige and Austin soon joined us.
After a few drinks, I tried to convince Scott that we should buy the property next door and renovate it HGTV style...he said "no".
Paige and I were pumped to cheer on the Bears.  We later met RG3...that is, if cardboard cut-outs count...
The Tengs.
My little bro.
 Even the fountain LOVES the Bears.
Paige gave a motivational speech.
RG3!!!  We're in love.

After the pep rally, we went to Paesanos for dinner.  It was DELISH!
 The next morning, it was tailgating time!!!  The Burchetts, Rodgers and friends joined us for a LONG day of fun.  Dad rented a 40ft RV and the whole Collins fam was there...
even the littlest one!!!
My mom had these fun cups made...they had a typo on the other side...which made us all giggle :)
 Joni brought these ADORABLE sugar cookies!!!
And then after the game...
Look who we ran into...BECKY!!! 

December 26, 2011

WAFFLE Cinnamon Rolls

Look at our Christmas morning breakfast!!!  That's right...WAFFLE cinnamon rolls!  I had seen these on Pinterest and LOVE a yummy (and EASY and FAST) meal.  Notice I didn't mention healthy?  It's CHRISTMAS, for crying out-loud.  Have at it!!!  You'll probably cringe to know that we also had bacon...and not just any bacon...CANDIED bacon.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I used these cinnamon rolls.  They were good but I think next time I'll use the original.
 Get out our good friend, PAM, and spray generously on the top and bottom.  Place one roll in each of the 4 sections of your waffle iron.  Close the waffle iron (I held it closed for a bit...don't know if this mattered).
After about 3 minutes, here's what you get!  Now, because of the cinnamon topping, they may tend to stick to the top, but not too badly.  It was one hell of a clean-up though.  Thank you Scotty!!!
Add the icing and...
 VOILA!  Waffle cinnamon rolls.
Will I make them again?  YES!  But like I said, I'll probably use a different type of cinnamon roll and a little more PAM on the iron.  Happy waffle-making!!!

December 24, 2011

DIY Ornament

I simply love putting the ornaments on our "memory" tree each Christmas.  When I saw this, I just KNEW I wanted one too...or at least something similar.  I'm still digging around, looking for an extra wedding invitation but until then, this will have to do.  I typed up some precious memories we've shared throughout the year, printed them on pretty paper, cut them into strips, curled them around a pen and dropped them inside a glass ornament.  I'd love to add a little charm like the inspiration ornament.  I tried adding a kraft paper tag with "Christmas 2011" on it but it took away from the overall look.  It's simple but I think it turned out pretty cute, don't you? 

Speaking of special ornaments, I just adore this idea for old house keys.  Now I've just got to get a new house so I can have an old house biggie.  I'll tell Scott to get right on it.

Here are a few more favorites, from our "memory" tree:
 Merry Christmas, everyone!