November 21, 2011


So yesterday started warm and muggy then ended wet and cold.  WELCOME TO TEXAS.  Today feels cold-ish but the weather could change at any moment.  Hurry, hurry...this calls for taco soup!  This soup is delish, makes a ton and freezes well.  There are MANY variations of it.  I was able to pull most of the ingredients together.  Here's everything I usually use minus the onions (like I'm going to leave the house before noon on my first day off)...but I gotta say, after a quick taste, I miss the onions.  Do I regret staying home?  PLEASE.
Brown 1lb lean, ground turkey (or lean beef), drain.  Add all canned ingredients, undrained (except I like to drain and rinse the black beans).  You can use any type of beans you like best...I like to mix it up a bit.  Look how colorful!!!
Mix together and add 2c water or broth, taco seasoning and dry ranch (not ranch dip).  Bring to a boil.  Simmer for about an hour...and voila!
I keep it in a pitcher in the fridge for about 5-7 days.  It always seems even more delicious on day 2 and beyond.

makes approx. 14, 1c servings
WW PointsPlus: 4

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