December 1, 2011

MOSTLY Decked Halls

It's the MOST wonderful time of the year!!!  After the Fall Decorating Procrastination Debacle of 2011, I decided that Christmas was happening and it was happening FAST...all before December 1st, that is.  And here we are...and I'm almost finished (promise).  
Traditionally, there are 3 parts of the holiday decor that always seem to test my patience: the hutch, the tree and the mantel.  This year proved to be no different though I'm pretty happy with how they all turned out.  Each year, I take pictures in an attempt to make the following year's decorations a piece of cake.  Successful?  Meh.

This year's hutch looks very similar to last year's with the exception of the banner (purchased on Etsy).  Gosh, I love Etsy.
Each year we put up 2 trees: the "fancy" tree (artificial...much to Scott's dismay) and the "eclectic/memory" tree (the REAL deal...but usually a noble fir from Lowe's...don't know if that counts?)  

As I unpacked the "fancy" tree ornaments, I couldn't believe that I had used these in the past.  What was I thinking?  Yuck.  So, I challenged myself to redecorate the ENTIRE tree without spending a dime.  GREAT SUCCESS!!!  I cut extra burlap (left over from the headboard project) into strips and intertwined them throughout.  I added grapevine garland (left over from a shower),  I threw in my spring hydrangeas, found a few crosses around the house and some gold twig stars that I purchased after Christmas last year.  Then I placed a few of the non-condemned ornaments from last year's tree on to finish it off.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, really.  The only thing I may add are some mod podge these.  Oh, and a burlap tree skirt...and by tree skirt, I mean $4.99/yard burlap that I'm wrapping around the bottom of the tree.  We'll soon see if that will work or not.  What I REALLY wanted was this...maybe next year.
Yeah, I don't have too much to say about the mantel.  I kept it super simple this year...I may add a little if I get bored before Christmas, we'll see.
Here's part of our growing collection of  nutcrackers.  Scott loves these things and I've grown to love them over the years.  We buy at least 2 new ones each holiday season.  Basically, our home will be over-run by nutcrackers someday...creepy.
And here's a view from the front...only in Texas do you have sweet potato vine thriving in December!!!  My sweet husband had these lights up the day after Thanksgiving.   Thanks, babe! 
There's a lot more HOLIDAYness to be seen around the house...but it's all still a work-in-progress.  Hopefully I'll get it done soon.  If there's anything fabulous, I'll be sure to share.  Until then, enjoy decking your halls and a happy December to you!


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