September 19, 2011

A Baby Shower to FALL For

 the dessert table.
 different view.
 cupcake toppers with aubrey sue's name on them!
 what do running friends give as a hostess gift?  a running stroller, of course!
 punch safe for mommies-to-be and punch that's NOT safe for mommies-to-be.
 pretty ladies.
 the mommy-to-be of honor!
 little girls CAN'T have enough headbands...right?
 the headband station was a BIG hit!
we attached tags so that sherry would know who made them and what size they were.
 SUPER creative flower.
 PRESENT TIME!  most of our running buddies DON'T have kiddos...which made for interesting conversation and TONS of laughs!
 even baby aubrey needs a good pair of running shoes.
sweet friends.
 a "mad-lib" style words of advice card.
 we put them in a flip book so sherry would have ALL the advice she'd ever need.
baby natalie with her momma, elizabeth (my cousin).
party favors.
cupcakes, m&ms (one of sherry's favorites), chocolate dipped oreos and pretzels,  made for one delicious table.
clear baggies for treats "to go".
 the hostesses and sherry.

It really was a perfect day celebrating Sherry and Aubrey Sue.  We can't wait to meet that sweet baby girl.  November can't get here fast enough!  We love you, Sherry.

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