August 18, 2012


I just made the CUTEST and YUMMIEST Oreo pops for our baseball themed gender reveal party last week and wanted to share.  They were a BIG hit!  Here's how they turned out:
Oreo Pops (this will make about 3 dozen):
1 box of Double Stuf Oreos (I used the half regular/half golden...YUM)!
1 brick of almond bark
4" lollipop sticks (I buy mine at Hobby Lobby)
wax paper...A LOT of wax paper
I always make my oreo pops the day before my event. 
Melt one cube of the almond bark according to the directions on the package.  Dip the end of each stick into the melted almond bark and then push into the cookies.  I push them almost all the way through.  At this point, you can realign cookies that are crooked.  Allow to completely cool.  If you skip this'll be sorry!
Melt half of the remaining almond bark into a shallow dish (see below).  Melt the other half when needed.  There are many ways to coat the cookies.  I started by dipping one side in and using a knife to coat and smooth.  This worked well, but dipping and dragging worked much better.  Dip one side in, drag it across the dish, making sure to get a good coat, then flip and do the same on the other side.  Use the edge of the dish or a knife to remove the excess so it doesn't pool on the wax paper.  Allow to completely cool on the wax paper.  As you can see from the pic...they're not perfect AT ALL...though it doesn't really end up mattering.  They still look adorable!
I turned mine into baseballs to match the theme of my party using this Wilton icing.  In the past, I've added sprinkles right after dipping which looks great too!  I'm giving this icing mixed reviews.  It's hard to work with (and QUITE a mess) but the end result isn't too shabby.  Warm the icing according to the directions on the bottle.  Add your design to the cookies.  If the icing is pooling on the wax paper, immediately transfer to fresh wax paper to cool.  This icing takes at least an hour to completely cool.
 When they're completely cooled, transfer them to Ziploc baggies until party set-up.  I like to store them flat on a cookie sheet.
 Unfortunately, I REALLY messed up the icing on this one (ha!) so it became a sample.  Mmmm!  Enjoy.

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  1. These Oreo Pops are way too cute! I'm so excited for you, and wish you all the best in the rest of your pregnancy, and raising those sweet babies! You'll be missed at Chandler!