June 16, 2008

Summer is HERE!

Well, summer is finally here and things have been crazy busy for Scotty and slow for me. I normally have a summer job but my mom and sister encouraged me to take a summer off. I get bored really easily. So, here I am blogging to pass the time.

As I was watching "A Baby Story" and the many other WONDERFUL TLC shows...I started to think that I wanted a baby or at least a puppy. This sounded familiar...feelings I had felt before. I soon realized that this is how I get every summer when Scott is away and busy and I am at home and bored.

Another problem that I have each summer is spending money. I know, I know, I always enjoy spending money but in the summer I go extra CRAZY. Out of boredom, I feel like I should get out of the house...which usually involves spending money. Whether it's my daily Starbucks or Sonic drinks or a new handbag; spending money in the summer is delightful. I highly recommend it.

Summer also brings about the inevitable "too much time spent in a bathing suit" which I thought, after losing over 35 pounds, wouldn't be so frightening...wrong. Good thing it's in the plans to lose ANOTHER 35 pounds...summer 2009 is looking good.

I have started to run again. Did I say run? I meant slow jog. What exactly do you call a 13 minute mile? I call it whatever works. It is in the Burchett plans to run the White Rock 1/2 marathon in December...so I have to start sometime. Please feel sympathy for me in that my husband's legs are twice the length of mine; so it's hard to keep up. Following 10 feet behind your running partner is not recommended.

Well, if there's one thing to look forward to it's returning to Mexico at the end of July. Hopefully the running will pay off somewhat by then. We are headed to Iberostar Grand in the Riviera Maya. It's AMAZING. We are going with my parents, Sarah and David Ben. We can't wait!