September 3, 2011

Our MASTER Bed: Before and After

So...I've been wanting a new bed for our master bedroom for a while now.  When we were in Fredericksburg in July, I found exactly what I was looking for.  The only problem was that it was WAY over-priced.  Here it is:
Gorgeous, right?  Well, it got me to thinkin'...and here's what happened:
Our "old" bed was a steal from one of our favorite places: Weirs.  We've had it since we got married in 2004 and it was in desperate need of an update.  After seeing this inspiration bed and reading this:
(LOVE this blog) I knew what I wanted to do.  Here's a look at our bed BEFORE:
And here is what it looked like AFTER (please excuse the bedding and art, we're not done yet):
We started with 1 large, thin piece of plywood (Lowe's), 1 queen-size roll of batting (Walmart), a heavy-duty staple gun (Walmart), burlap ( and upholstery tacks (Lowe's).  All-in, we spent about $85...not too shabby for an updated look!  You can do it too:

1) Cut the plywood to fit...just a little smaller than what you need...allowing space for the batting/fabric on all sides

2) Staple 3 layers of batting around the plywood to give it a "poofy" look (TIP: staple A TON and keep them close together)

3) Wrap the plywood with fabric, pull tight and staple

4) Install using whatever works (TIP: you may want to use nails, we tried screws and (naturally) the fabric and batting started twisting and ripping...crisis!!!)

5) Use blue painters tape where you want the upholstery tacks to go...mark every inch with a yardstick...use the top of the tape as a guide so that the tacks go in straight (TIP: this is definitely a 2-person job.  I held the tacks in place with needle-nose pliers and Scott used a hammer (with the head covered in tape as not to scratch the tacks) to gently tap them in...but not all the way)

6) Remove the tape and tap the tacks in well to ensure that you'll have a "poof" in the end

7) Step back and....ENJOY!
What seemed like it would take 1-2 hours, ended up taking about 4-5, but it was all worth it in the end.  Hmmm...what will we update next?  Pretty soon, I'll post pics of our entire master and our NEWLY tiled shower and enclosure.  Can't wait to share!!!  

Happy 3-day weekend to ALL.

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  1. Pretty, I have been needing and wanting to do this for months, but time is in my way. I need to take a day and tackle it. Great job, you two.