September 11, 2011

Headbands are BACK ON

After returning to school, I received several requests for headbands.  Here's the deal...yes, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to craft (duh) but what you must know is this: I get super bored and move on from project to project and don't typically go back to an old one.  Confession: I've even been known to purchase supplies, start a project, then get over it before it's complete.  *gasp*  But because I enjoying spreading craft love throughout the world, I gave in to the return of headbands.  So, in the spirit of crafting, it's true: headbands are officially BACK ON.  Visit my Etsy shop here: 
I've been making them for cheerleading squads, softball teams, volleyball teams and more.  I'd love to help customize one (or many) for you!

1 comment:

  1. I craft the same way--much to the disappointment of a few people out there...I want a headband like the blue and green one in one of the example photos. So you have more of that fabric? So cute!