August 23, 2011

Welcome to Kindergarten

Here's a peek at my kindergarten classroom:

View from the door...

View from the middle of the room...

I never have to hear "I need to go to the bathroom" again. Kiddos grab a stick, hold it up, and I nod "yes" or "no". Genius.

Here's our class promise from Reading with Meaning. We do it at the beginning of each year.

Soon, their self portraits will be hanging around the promise. It turns out SO cute!

When someone show kindness in the classroom, they get to clip a "warm fuzzy" to their shirt. When someone show kindness back to them, they get to pass it on.

Our class currency...BUG BUCKS!

The writing center...

Book boxes that will soon be filled with "good-fit" books and books of interest.

My picture books are once again organized by category (thanks mom) and will soon have picture labels to match.

I do my days in school, odd/even, ten frames, number chats, tallies and skip counting separately from my morning calendar/weather.

Backpack hooks...

Happy puffs above my desk...

Pre-filled birthday bags (thanks again, mom). I just tear them off of the wall and have them place them in their backpacks to open at home. It's SO simple. Also, since they're displayed all year, they get really excited about taking one home.

I am LOVING these gorgeous flowers that I received as a gift from one of my sweet, new kiddos. I hope they live FOREVER.

My "office"...if you will.

My door...

Our kindergarten hallway...

...and that's it for now! Thanks for stopping by.

P.S. Day 2 of kindergarten is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than Day 1! I'm so proud of my little bugs.


  1. Wow, this makes me either want my kids to be in your classroom or for me to go back to teaching! You are genius! :)

  2. LOOOOOVE it! You moved your desk! now you can look out the window while you work. :) I love your classroom!!