August 3, 2011

Weekend in Fredericksburg

Scott and I always talk about little getaways but it never turns into anything. This past weekend, we took the plunge and visited Fredericksburg, Texas for two nights...and would have stayed a third if we could.

The week prior, Scott kept mentioning a weekend trip. I didn't take him too seriously because he's always talking about vacations (especially during baseball season). However, each day when he arrived home from work, he'd mention it again. We both poked around on Trip Advisor and other sites, trying to find last minute anywhere nearby. NOTHING. We kept saying that if we couldn't find what we were looking for, we'd at least go to Ft. Worth for the weekend.

Even as Scott left for work on Friday morning, we hadn't found anything, really. Funny, because the plan was to leave early afternoon. Hmmm...

By 9:00, he emailed me info on The Blue Bungalow on Orange Street and by 9:30, it was ours for the weekend! Luckily, the family that had rented it for the entire month of July had left a few days was a done deal. We were excited.

After dropping off our dear Sadie B at the in-laws, we were on our way by about 3:00. We took the scenic route, rather than 35, and it was extra twisty-turny but much more interesting. We arrived in the quiet little town of Fredericksburg around 8:00.

It wasn't that dark yet, so we walked around the outside of the property to check it all out. It was beyond adorable (with the exception of the creepy basement) and we couldn't believe that we had the whole place to ourselves. A bottle or two of wine later, we called it a night.

The next morning, we woke up, Scott cooked breakfast, and then we went out on the town for the most important start to the day...COFFEE. Shop, shop, shop, shop, shop, shop...GERMAN FOOD and BEER (which, BTW, you can walk up and down Main Street with--so naturally, I had one to-go). Shop, shop...WHAT? This whole town shuts down at 6:00 on a Saturday. Goodness. *side-note: many of you would be PROUD to know that with all that shopping, I didn't buy a thing...impressive, right?*

We headed back to the house to get ready for dinner (which, on vacation, is a HUGE ordeal for me). After a short photo-shoot in the backyard (that Scott refused to participate in), we went back out to the main drag. It was a freaking ghost town out there. We weren't quite yet hungry, so we decided to do a sampler at the Fredericksburg Brewery. Nothing amazing, but not too shabby.

Now what? We relied on good old Yelp to guide us for the evening and we ended up in Luckenbach. You cannot beat the fabulous people watching, chicken avoiding, and ice cold beer this place has to offer. Not to mention that the property is gorgeous at night. We definitely recommend it. Luckenbach exceeded our expectations.

Sunday morning, we went to a delicious breakfast, shopped a bit, then started to pack up for the drive back.

On the way out of town, we stopped at the local Goodwill (as I'm VERY into refinishing furniture these days). We found a steal of a deal--a bench thingy--for $15.99! It would have been $200 at the Salvation Army in Plano (that place is a joke). I was soooooooooo pumped.

Naturally, we had to stop at one of the vineyards just outside of Fredericksburg. We picked only one, Becker, and hoped we had chosen wisely. We weren't disappointed. Again, a beautiful property and great experience. We did a tasting, and our server Henri, was the BEST. What great way to end our little getaway.

On the way home, Scott decided to take 35...which he soon regretted. The traffic was the WORST. But eventually, we made it back to McKinney.

All-in-all, it was a fabulous weekend and we're glad we did it!

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