July 17, 2009

A Sweet New Baby, 60 Pounds, and a RACE...

I consider myself lucky because I spent an hour holding the most PRECIOUS baby in the WORLD (no offense to my other friends with babies...I love everyone equally). What a little miracle. Lauren Kate Alban was born Thursday and is a joy! Scott and I got to visit the new family of FOUR at the hospital this week and couldn't be more excited for our sweet friends Courtney and Dustin. We are pretty sure that they make the most BEAUTIFUL babies in the world. So, don't know what you guys are up to but we'd like one this time next year, if possible. But seriously, momma and baby look GREAT and we couldn't be happier for our friends. God is good! I can't wait to spend more time with sweet baby Lauren.

Soooo...don't know if you read last week's post but I was discouraged because I didn't quite make it to -60 pounds last week. (Drum roll please...) I went TODAY and I'm down -60.6!!! Oh happy day. You may think...WOW...that girl has discipline. Please don't be disappointed that I celebrated with new jeans, a watch, boots, Sonic, and cake. I ALWAYS celebrate with presents to myself but those presents don't normally include FOOD. In fact, I never celebrate with food. I am just being honest because I want people to know that successful people (in the weight loss world) mess up too. I am NOT proud that I had a Sonic kids meal for lunch and I am not proud that I had dinner's worth of calories in cake (and wine and cheese). I'm just trying to be BRUTALLY honest and let people know that no one is perfect, everyone makes bad choices here and there, and then we forgive ourselves and make better choices at the next meal. No quitting allowed. That's the rule...no matter what, don't quit on your weight-loss efforts!!!

WOW. Tomorrow will be my first 15K EVER! For those that don't know, a 15K is 9.3 miles. Now, Scott and I have run up to 12 miles but not in a SCARY race. Races are terrifying and wonderful at the same time. They make me CRAZY nervous and force me to take Immodium but completing them is an INSANE feeling of accomplishment. There is nothing like the adrenaline of a race...nothing. Please, sign up for a 5K (3.1 miles) and go for it. So the race is called "Too Hot to Handle". Luckily, tomorrow should be pretty nice considering that it will be one of the coolest days we've had in a while. We'll see...I will let you know if we survive. Keep it real.

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