July 12, 2009

My Thoughts Today...

So...are blogs just for typing your random thoughts? Like a diary you share with EVERYONE? I don't read other blogs (with the exception of a few) so I'm not quite sure how all of this goes. Everyone seems to have kiddos to write about. Not me (yet). Did I mention I want 4? Wow, the clock is kind of ticking. Does it seem possible to have all 4 by 35? Hmmm...let's see: I'm 27 so 35 is 7 1/2 years away, right? Wow...seems like a short amount of time to have 4 kids in. Maybe I'll get lucky with a two-for-one pregnancy. That should speed things up. But seriously, 3 minimum and 4 maximum. I'm the oldest of 4 and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. My siblings mean the WORLD to me and I want the same for our kiddos. Speaking of kids, I am VERY obsessed with names right now. Maybe because it's summer and there's not too much going on. Everyone says my boy names are pretentious. In Scott's family, all of the boys' names end with "tt": Matt, Scott, and Brett Burchett. So...I thought it could be cool to keep that going. I'm not totally set on this idea but here's what I've come up with: Bennett, Everett, Wyatt, and Abbott. WOW! Are my boys going to get beat up? Hopefully not. As far as girl names go, I don't care about the "tt". I like Elliott for a girl, and Ellie for short, but Scott's NOT buying it. The only thing I do know is that I want to use Catherine or Cate somewhere (after Scott's sister and my sister). Maybe I'm thinking about this too much seeing as how I'm not pregnant and don't plan to be soon. Which brings me to another thought...

Back in our first few years of marriage (going on 5 years now), I thought it would be THE END OF THE WORLD if we were to get pregnant on accident. Today, I have COMPLETELY different feelings about this. I used to think that everyone had babies and that it wasn't a big deal. Now I feel that it is the BIGGEST blessing in the world to become pregnant. It is such a CRAZY, WONDERFUL MIRACLE. I have so many friends that have tried and tried and still...nothing. So, where as it is not in our plans to have a baby right now (as we are MARATHON training!!!) if it were to happen, we would be surprised but THRILLED. The Lord's timing is what's important. I pray that when the time comes that we are ready to start a family, that I will be able to give it all over to Him and trust that He knows what is best for us!

Baby Brain ALERT!!! Maybe it's because my precious friend, Courtney is about to have baby #2...sweet, precious Lauren. Not to mention that her daughter Hannah and I had a BLAST hanging out last week. If Lauren is half as WONDERFUL as her sister Hannah, she'll be pretty special. I can't wait to meet her!!! We are praying for a safe delivery. We love you Court!!!

Weight Watchers UPDATE: Well, I had to skip the 4th (b/c of vacation and b/c WW was closed) but I did go yesterday. I DID weigh myself before-hand and WASN'T excited about going. We had BBQ the night before at mom and dad's and I wasn't as careful as I should have been and the scale showed!!! In the past 2 weeks, I've lost 1.4 pounds for a grand total of -59.6. Yes, this is VERY exciting but I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to get to -60 pounds this week! I'm working very hard to make sure that it happens! I set my goal with my leader this week...I decided I want to lose 15 more. We will see how I feel after that. For more adventures in Weight Watchers Land, check back soon...I'm NOT quitting this time :)

Running UPDATE: WOW WOW WOW. We are "officially" signed up for marathon class. Today is the official first day. It's overwhelming and crazy. I cannot tell you how time consuming and physically demanding this schedule will be. It is OUT OF CONTROL! We are going to take one day at a time and PRAY that we make it to our goal: The White Rock Marathon in December. Mark your calendars and come cheer us on!!! We have a reasonable goal of finishing the race within 5 hours. Trust me, I will continue to update as the running saga continues...I promise that it will be FULL of drama, chafing, and lost toenails!!!

Thanks for reading!!! Have a SUPER Sunday and a week full of blessings!!! -C


  1. Ok, I am in shock! I've never thought you looked like you carried 60 extra pounds. That is craziness! But, anyway, thank you for sharing. You are keeping me in check!

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment! It was so that Hannah was able to spend some time with you last week. When we went back to the mall yesterday she kept saying "Caroline" because she thought you were going to be there!