July 28, 2010

Scott Won't Let Me Decorate for FALL, So...

I've re-decorated for SUMMER! Inspiration? CATALOGS!!! The new Willow House (formerly Southern Living at HOME), Ballard Designs and Pottery Barn catalogs are simply incredible and leave me wishing for one thing: unlimited funds to decorate my home. Hey, I'll even settle for a couple hundred...ha! Since I didn't have a couple hundred, I pulled out every home decor item I could find in the house and went to town. I basically find something I like in one of the catalogs and try to recreate it with things I already have. Some of the little areas turned out GREAT. Some, not so much...the mantle is NOT working for me...it's a work-in-progress.
Decorations UNDER the table? YES! I'm working on collecting more neutral hard cover books. They're all over the catalogs and we just don't have that many. Heading to Half Price Books later to see what I can find! Scott will be happy to have his books back. P.S. I can't believe that at one point I wanted to get rid of this table. That goodness Scott didn't let me. I'm in LOVE with it...best $99 purchase ever. Thank you Weirs!!!
Oops...more of Scott's books. He hasn't noticed, yet. My mother-in-law gave us this cigar box and I loved how it looked on my copper table. The small glass vase has wine corks in it (these look great as neutral, textural fillers). Also, you'll notice that the catalogs use plates everywhere (as trays) not just in the kitchen areas...kind of FUN.
Another genius Weirs find! This hutch matches the furniture perfectly and, again, only $99! Scott found it...he's good. Okay, so you caught me. This is kind of fall-ish, right? I couldn't help it! Actually, it's the first thing Scott noticed when he got home. You see, fall is Scott's most FAVORITE season and won't let me rush into it when it's still 100 degrees outside. I asked if I could decorate on August 1st and he said I had to wait until September 1st. I certainly don't want to put a damper on his fall happiness...ha! I tried to bargain with him but no such luck...can't wait until September 1st!!! Pumpkins here we come...
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