July 24, 2010

LITERALLY...Too Hot to Handle

Sunday, July 18th was the first (and last) time I have raced in UNBEARABLE heat. The first 6 miles felt GREAT but as it got even hotter, I started sweating less and began to feel chilled...NOT a good sign. Actually one of the first signs of HEAT STROKE...awesome. I slowed it down and crossed the finish line 2 minutes SLOWER than this race last year. Unimpressed? Me too. Just happy to have survived!!!
The girls...ready to take on the Too Hot to Handle 15K. For those of you that don't know, that's 9.3 miles. It should have been a fairly easy run...HA! Do you see the EVIL sun rising behind us?
This is what you get to eat after you run...well, not really but I went against my better judgment and rewarded myself with food. ALWAYS a bad idea (for me, at least). I would like to point out that I only ate one biscuit (for whatever reason, that makes me feel better...whatever).
With my fifth coffee in hand, our dehydrated group heads home. Don't let the smiles deceive you.
And our true feelings about the race (mostly mine and Julie's since Alex rocked it out) are revealed...

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