February 9, 2011

A BIG SURPRISE! Can I pull it off?

Believe it...it's true. My sweet husband of 6 years turned 30 last week! He still looks nearly exactly like he did in high school though (hot), which is why everyone recognizes him wherever we go (and perhaps the height thing comes into play...just maybe).

Our plan is to take a fabulous vacation to celebrate this "coming of age" but in the mean-time, I wanted to throw him a little get-together of sorts. At first, I wanted to do a BIG weekend in Ft. Worth the weekend of his birthday...nice hotel...fine dining...you get the picture. Did I mention his 30th was on Feb. 4th? Does anything else ring a bell that weekend? In the way of "there's no chance in hell I'm going to get any sort of reservation anywhere"? You guessed it, the oh so lovely super bowl. BTW, is it one word or two? Oh, who cares. Cheers to the end of football season!

So, I'm complaining to my kindergarten teammate about the lack of hotels, restaurants, anything the weekend of Scott's birthday. She recommended checking out the new luxury bowling alley in town, Splitsville. I'd never been there but it seemed promising. I started looking into it and BINGO! there were open lanes the weekend after Scott's birthday. Is an "after" surprise still fun and okay? I would soon find out...

Do you realize my "situation" with surprises? Do you know that when I buy gifts for people, I always ask if I can give them in advance? I am stricken with the inability to keep a surprise (and yes, sometimes secret); especially from my husband. Just hours after making the reservation, Scott arrived home from work. He came upstairs, greeted awkward me, then headed outside to grab the mail. I called my mom from the upstairs closet, hyperventilating. How on earth was I going to last 14 days? Hold your applause, but the party is just around the corner and I've done it! Hoping that Scott doesn't know but doubtful he'd ever tell me if he did.

You must know (by the invitation above) that I treated this like any other party...if you've seen any of my showers in the past year, you'll understand. I tried to hold back and first; but to no avail, I was creating in no time. Was this for Scott's benefit? Would he even notice my efforts? Absolutely not. Until, of course, I point out all of the cute drink tickets, cupcake toppers, and party favors I so graciously and effortlessly pulled together just for him (or me).

The one huge disappointment was that I couldn't pull-off a rush order of koozies that would inevitably have a hilarious/cocky Scott quote such as, "Nothing says 'Happy birthday to me' like WINNING." If you know him, have ever competed against him, or are one of his brothers, you would think it was funny. Just go with it. P.S. If you're a screen printer in the area...you are very difficult to find on the internet. Help me, help you. You're welcome.

Okay, back to Scott. So I wanted to invite everyone but they only allow you to rent 2 lanes per night with 8 bowlers (is that the name for those who bowl?) per lane. We're at little over 20 so we'll see what happens. At the end of the night, when everyone has had a few drinks and a delicious frosted cookie shaped like a bowling pin, I'm sure we'll all let bygones be bygones and no one will mind that there wasn't a place for them to bowl, right???

Now really, back to Scott. He's pretty much the best friend and husband a girl could ask for so I really hope it's a fun, successful evening. To be continued...

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