March 30, 2013

3-MONTH Photo Session

Thank you, Mrs. Brittney!  We love you.


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    1. Thank you, Katie! And a BELATED Happy Easter to you and your fam as well!!

    2. How sweet and cute are they! Ann Marie made me read our feeding post. Just precious and brought back memories of me feeding her and Melissa, the "propped and proper way". My girls turned out just fine. They don't have nightmares about no breast feeding bonding. We bond still over every little tiny day time moments we can share. Hang in there it only gets better and better and then one of your twins has twins and oh my, the JOY! NOW that can't be described.

  2. Hi - my friend Alexis Tadda just showed me your blog and I think it is wonderful. I just had a little girl in January and love all of your little girls headbands. Do you mind telling me where you get them? I know it's dumb, but a good headband that is simple and not overstated is hard to find! Thanks -