March 16, 2014

'Like' My Picture

I have a friend who gave up social media for Lent.  Why?  Because she realized it was bringing her down and she honestly feels better about herself without it.  She gets her feelings hurt if not many people 'like' her pictures.  Even more when there's a private page that tells her who's viewed it...but not necessarily clicked 'like'.

Why do you decide not to 'like'?  Do you actually not like it OR is it something more?  And more importantly, why do we care?!?  GUILTY.

Challenge?  Scroll down your newsfeed and 'like' the hell out of your friends posts.  With the exception of political and religious posts...and don't have to like cats.  Did I just lose a few friends?  #sorrynotsorry

Something to think about.

1 comment:

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