May 12, 2008

First Time Blogger...CRAZY!!!

Well, here I am "blogging" which up until a few months ago, I had never heard of...NO we don't have a baby (unless beloved Sadie the black lab counts)...and NO we are not pregnant. I still allowed to have a blog???

Here's what's going on...Scott still works for the Frisco RoughRiders where he has been promoted to "Senior Director of Partner Services". That's a lot of words. He is currently in his 5th baseball season and is busy busy. I am currently teaching first grade in Allen but will be going back to kindergarten in the fall. Five year olds make me laugh! We live in McKinney in our first home (of a year and a half) with our precious black lab, Sadie B. We love traveling and doing projects around the house (typically projects most people wouldn't take on...thank you Scott). We have been married for 3 and a half years now and it has flown by. Like I said, no kiddos yet but we hope to start soon and eventually have 3 (my plan) or 2 (Scott's plan). Right now we are still enjoying being married, traveling and having fun with everyone else's kids. Life is pretty good!

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